Why is a Child Proficient Optometrist Important?

staffWhether you suspect that your child has complications with their vision or not, it’s essential to start having their eyes examined at an early age in order to catch and treat any problems that may arise right away before permanent damage is done. However, most children usually can’t explain the trouble they’re having or don’t even realize that how they view things isn’t normal because it’s all they know. This is why it’s so important to take them to a pediatric optometrist.

Just as you would take your child to a pediatrician because they specialize in children’s health, you should also consider the need for an eye doctor who has specific knowledge and experience in caring for children’s vision. Below are the top reasons to seek out the professional skills of a child specific optometrist.

They Are Specially Trained in Pediatric Eye Health 

Children are susceptible to a variety of conditions that can affect their vision, but they may not be able to verbalize when something is bothering them. Pediatric optometrists have been trained to know what to look for and how to diagnose such issues so that the right treatment can promptly begin. In addition to medical training, pediatric optometrists have also been trained in how to deal with younger patients who may not be as cooperative as an adult patient. They know just which questions to ask to get children to open up so they can identify the presence of possible conditions. 

They Have the Proper Tools and Techniques to Test Children 

Children have different needs when it comes to eye examinations then adults do, which requires the use of tools and techniques that vary from a traditional adult exam. Pediatric optometrists utilize tests and equipment that children are able to better respond to for higher accuracy.

Their Offices Are Accommodating for Children

For most children, going to the doctor can be overwhelming and scary. Pediatric optometrists have a way of making their patients feel more relaxed. Their offices are often decorated with a soothing touch that appeals to children, and toys, books, and videos may be provided in the waiting room to create a comfortable atmosphere.

When choosing an eye doctor for your child, you want to make sure they’ll be getting the best care possible. Dr. Rosa Optometry understands the significance of paying close attention to eye health in children and provides patients in the San Diego area with exceptional pediatric optometrist services.