All About Glasses with Transition Lenses

Transition lenses reacting to UV rays

Many of us have found ourselves in the conundrum of only having eyeglasses on a sunny day, or perhaps having sunglasses as well that don’t have prescription lenses. Maybe you have prescription sunglasses as well, but that just represents one more thing to keep track of. The truth is that having so many pairs of glasses is often an inconvenience; thankfully, it is not necessary with today’s technology.

Photochromic Lenses

One of the most notable advancements is the advent of Transition glasses. It is worth noting that these glasses are actually called photochromic lenses, but due to the popularity of lenses manufactured by Transition Optometry, they are often referred to as Transition glasses. These are glasses that react to sunlight, a reaction which results in the tinting of the lenses. One moment you can be indoors seeing through completely clear lenses, the next you could step outside and within 30 seconds, view your surroundings in total comfort through the newly tinted glasses. The seamlessness of transition lenses effects adds automatic visual comfort to your daily routine.

Transition Lenses Pros and Cons

Not only does this type of lens provide a more convenient option than having both prescription glasses and sunglasses, it also provides enormous health benefits. This is because the Ultra Violet radiation from the sun is directly linked to the formation of cataracts later in life. With glasses with Transition lenses, 100% of this type of radiation is shielded away from your eyes. This ensures your instantaneous comfort as well as your long-term eye health.

The lens also allows you to see more clearly in all lighting conditions, inducing less strain and fatigue of your eyes. This is one of the major advantages that these lenses have over traditional lenses. While these advanced glasses are considerably pricier than those with traditional lenses, the cost is less significant than an investment in both prescription glasses and sunglasses. This similar cost and added convenience make transition lenses a very attractive prospect to most glasses wearers.

Consider Transition Glasses Today

This truly is an incredible technology that is often taken for granted. There are specific molecules scattered throughout the lenses that cause the glass to tint when they are activated by Ultra Violet radiation from the sun. The amazing thing is that you can get any type of lenses with this feature added. The countless combinations of options cater to people of all different light sensitivities and prescriptions. Contact Dr. Rosa today to discuss Transition lenses pros and cons and see if they are right for you!