Top Glasses Alternatives for Sports

So many of us today love to engage in sports and exercise. It might be a pick-up game of basketball, training to run a marathon, or even martial arts. However, with these endeavors, many are faced with the issue of wearing corrective lenses during our sports activities.

Often, wearing glasses can be detrimental, or even dangerous depending upon the sport. For instance, if you are a martial artist, you definitely don’t want someone hitting your glasses. If you are a runner, your glasses might slip down your nose or bounce up and down as you run.

You will be pleased to know there are plenty of alternatives to wearing glasses for many sports activities. Read on to learn about the vision correcting options available to athletes.


Of course, the first alternative is wearing contacts. When wearing contacts, you’ll be free from the possibility of your glasses falling or being knocked off. There are several benefits to wearing contacts during sports activity, including:

• Better peripheral vision
• Field of view is unobstructed
• Contacts won’t fog up or get splatter on them
• Less chance of eye injury
• Increased vision stability
• Compatibility with sports/safety equipment

Sports Eyewear

Another alternative is specially designed sports eyewear. You’ve probably seen these types of “goggles” or eyewear. It used to be that many resisted wearing these types of corrective lenses because they looked funny. Today, sports eyewear is highly accepted, and even gives the image that the wearer is serious and means business.

Sports eyewear, such as goggles, can provide huge benefits above and beyond just correcting vision. They can prevent injuries, such as by blocking flying objects that can potentially injure the eyes. This is especially important for sports such as tennis and racquetball that involve objects flying toward players at 60 miles an hour or faster.

Dr. Rosa Optometry

Says Dr. Rosa, “It is important that an athlete be able to see at optimal levels for the best sports performance. It is also important that the eyes are protected during these activities.”

At Dr. Rosa Optometry, we have several different options for protective or sports eyewear. We want to ensure that each of our patients is outfitted with the very best corrective eyewear that suits their individual lifestyle.

To find the best options for your individual activity or sport, you should consult with an eye specialist that specializes in sports vision. You will be able to ensure that your eyes are properly protected and provide the best vision correction to let you enjoy your sports endeavors!

If you wish to know more about the best sports vision options, please give us a call today to schedule a consultation and exam.