Preparing for LASIK

LASIK eye surgery preparation guideIf you’re interested in getting a LASIK eye surgery procedure done, there are a few steps you should take to prepare. Follow this guide to pre-op preparation for LASIK eye surgery and you will be ready for anything!

Before Scheduling

First of all, get to know your surgeon. Dr. Rosa himself is a fantastic one, but depending on scheduling, your area, or other factors, he may suggest to you one of the many specialists he’s gotten to know in his long career. Ask your surgeon about when and for how long he/she did his training, their success rates, and anything else you need to know to grow comfortable with them as your doctor. It’s also good to know how accessible the surgeon will be after your treatment—if you need to contact someone after the surgery, know the best hours to call and any emergency numbers they might have.

Also, get to know your insurance! Costs of LASIK eye surgery can include not only the surgery but also pre-operative costs, so it’s good to be forward with your insurance company and find out how much they can cover.

The Pre-Operative Exam

Before operation, there should be a few exams that ensure that LASIK is appropriate for you. They might test for dry eye and corneal thickness, or for pupil size and contrast sensitivity. They may also try night vision simulations or wavefront analysis.  This will help the doctors make the final recommendation or not.

Keep in mind that some clinics may not recommend that you get eye surgery from them—each clinic has their own specialties, such as focusing on the elderly vs. the young, treating hyperopia, etc. It’s all about finding the best LASIK eye surgery for the individual case. If this is the result of our tests, ask Dr. Rosa if there are clinics out there which may suit you better.

Preparing for the Operation

After all the questions and tests are over, it is time to prepare for the big day. While the LASIK eye surgery procedure itself does not take long, you may need to prepare well in advance.

You should stop wearing contacts for some time before the surgery—whether it is five days or three weeks can change depending on your prescription, what kind of lenses you wear, and other factors, so be sure to check with Dr. Rosa or your ophthalmologist.

Call work ahead of time and set aside a few days for recovery. You will need to have the surgeon check your vision the day after the surgery, so you need at least two days off in a row in case recovery takes longer than expected. Speaking of which, you’ll need someone to drive you around until the surgeon verifies you are safe to operate a vehicle, so make sure you have a ride home from the doctor!

The night before, carefully remove all cosmetics around the eyes. Flush debris from your eyes with artificial tears. The day of the operation, don’t apply any lotions or makeup to your eye areas.

If you feel nervous, tell the staff. Only the eyes receive anesthetic during LASIK, but a jittery patient can be hard to work on, so ask about any mild sedatives they may be able to give you. Follow these steps and you’ll be prepared for the best LASIK eye surgery around!