Pediatric Optometrist Services in San Diego and Encinitas

Optometrist in exam room with young girl in chair smilingMaintaining good eye health is becoming increasingly important in today’s environment, where many of us are being exposed to potentially damaging computer screens. This is especially crucial for children.

It is essential that children get regular pediatric eye care and exams. The best pediatric eye doctors understand how these exams can help maintain good eye health in early years. Fortunately, Dr. Rosa Optometry is here to help with whatever eyecare needs your child has.

Dr. Rosa: Pediatric Optometrist in San Diego

Dr. Rosa is a pediatric optometrist in San Diego, offering many years of experience treating children and adults alike. As such, he recommends that children have their first eye exam performed before the age of three. This is especially important if the child’s family has a history of eye disease.

Dr. Rosa and his team can help keep your entire family’s eyes healthy through regular eye exams and pediatric eye care. The entire team is experienced in all areas of optometrist services.

What We Have to Offer

Dr. Rosa offers eye testing for all ages of children including infants and preschoolers. He understands how important it is to make sure that any potential eye issues be identified early so it can be successfully treated or corrected.

Eye exams at Dr. Rosa Optometry include age-appropriate tests to determine the health and visual acuity of your child’s eyes. These tests can include pupil responses and preferential looking for infants. Preschoolers and old children will include eye test charts and retinoscopy. Tests will also be done for other common issues such as lazy eye or misalignment of the eyes.

Dr. Rosa will also, if need, prescribe glasses for your child. His team can help you and your child choose the best eyewear or frames.

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Let Dr. Rosa and his team keep you and your children’s eyes remain healthy through regular exams. Because you will be working with one of the best pediatric eye doctors in the area, you will be able to rest assured that you and your family are in good hands.

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