Pediatric Eye Exams

Young girl is having eye examEye exams for children are crucial to their development and eye health. It is noted that 5 to 10 percent of preschoolers and approximately 25 percent of school age children have some type of vision problem, much of which goes unidentified due to lack of proper examining. Identifying problems within a child’s vision is important because children can respond better to treatment when problems are diagnosed early. However, when scheduling pediatric eye exams – here at Dr. Rosa Optometry or any other pediatric optometrist in San Diego – it’s important to prepare properly. Read on for more information about scheduling pediatric eye exams!

General Tips for Pediatric Eye Exams

When scheduling pediatric eye exams, the optimal appointment time is when the child will be alert and happy. While specific types of pediatric eye exams will depend on the child’s age, an exam will usually include a case/medical history, vision testing, eye alignment testing, and general eye health evaluation. If it is determined that the child needs correction, a prescription for eyewear will be made. During the initial history, you should inform your doctor about any family history of eye problems.

Eye Exams for Infants

By six months of age, babies should see as well as adults in terms of color vision, depth perception and focus. A pediatric eye exam will generally include:

  • Pupil response tests
  • Fixate and follow test
  • Preferential look

These will ensure your infant’s eyesight is progressing as normal, while also aiding in early detection of potential sight problems later in life.

Preschool Children

You may be surprised to know that to undergo certain eye tests, children do not need to know the alphabet letters. Eye tests for preschoolers can include:

LEA symbol charts — Similar to a regular eye chart, except symbols such as apples, squares, circles will be used

Random dot stereopsis — This test uses patterns of dots and 3D glasses to determine how well the eyes work together

Retinoscopy — This test will help determine a child’s eyeglass prescription if necessary.

Other tests can include those for lazy eye, misalignment of eyes, inability to maintain eye alignment, ability to focus, depth perception and color vision. The exam should also include examining anterior eye and eyelid health, which will include examining the lens, cornea, and iris.

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It is important that vision testing be done at an early age so you can ensure that your child has the visual acuity necessary to perform well in school. If your child cannot see print or the blackboard, it can lead to poor academic performance. When vision problems are caught early, they can be corrected while your child’s vision system is still developing.

Dr. Rosa, a pediatric eye doctor in San Diego, understands the intricacies and importance of eye exams and proper treatment for children. Please contact us today to set up an appointment to help keep your children’s eyes healthy!