Natural Eye Treatment & Natural Remedies for Eyesight

Natural eye treatment methods to promote healthSurgeries, like corrective lenses, are necessary for many people. However, it’s worth pointing out that many others can work on their vision through natural eye treatment. If you’re trying to keep your vision in good shape or are looking to go the extra mile to improve it, consider asking Dr. Rosa about some of these options.


Your eyes are a very unique part of your body, so certain foods are more beneficial for them than others. Certain fad diets or the season’s new “super food” may be marketed as natural remedies for eyesight, but it’s best to ask a doctor about your current diet and see if there are changes you should make. Vitamin supplements are a more direct way to enact this positive change.


“Eye massages” sound strange, but they’re a nice way to quickly relieve some stress and fit easily into a break at work. There are several different approaches to eye massages, but a central point to remember is that they are about massaging around the eyes, not about pushing down on the eyeballs. Do not push down on your eyeballs the same way you would massage a shoulder! It’s bad for you! For eye massage directions, ask Dr. Rosa or look up a guide online.


Work-related eye strain? Leisure-related eye strain? They’re both common problems. If focusing on the same thing, whether a book or a laptop, for a long time, we risk hurting our eyes. This damage can be minimized though by setting up your work or recreation environment. Two major factors in your setup are lighting and distance: make sure that you have ample lighting, and that whatever you’re focusing on can be a comfortable distance away from your face.


There are ways to exercise the eyes to help improve vision or reduce its deterioration. The jury is still out on whether or not these natural eye remedies are effective; many doctors do not recommend them, but almost none condemn them, and many of their components—such as taking a break from eye strain to do them—are widely considered beneficial. These exercises are often done in the middle of some other activity to give the eyes a break, and often consist of eye rotations and practicing focus. For example, one might exercise by focusing on a point far away, or by moving something toward and away from your nose and focusing on it as you do. For ideas for eye exercises or other natural eye remediescontact Dr. Rosa today!