Glasses for Children

glasses for childrenIf you are searching for the best eyeglasses for your children, you may find the decision confusing. You’ll find there are many, many kids eyeglasses frames and you need to decide which one is best for your child. Fortunately, Dr. Rosa Optometry is here to help! Here are a few tips that can help you with the important decisions about which eyeglasses for children are best for your child.

Lens Thickness — The prescription should be the main consideration, so you should first consult with Dr. Rosa about the lenses. For instance, if your child requires a strong lens that is likely to be thick, you should find frames that are small to reduce the thickness.

Fashion — Most children will go through a bit of teasing so you should try to find frames that do not make them look “uncool”.

Metal or Plastic — In the past, plastic frames where considered the best choice because they were more durable; however, today’s metal frames are now just as durable.

Proper Bridge Fit — Your child’s nose is probably not fully developed yet, so it may have a smaller bridge. This can cause certain frames to slide down the nose. Many manufacturers of glasses for children are designing glasses that can help prevent this. You should work with the optician to ensure a proper fit.

Lens MaterialLenses for your child should be made of polycarbonate, as this material is more impact-resistant that other materials. This material is also much lighter than regular plastic, which can make wearing the glasses more comfortable. The least desirable material is glass because of the safety factors, as well as being much heavier.

Sports Eyewear — You may be thinking that your child can wear his or her glasses during sports activities, especially if they are made of polycarbonate materials. However, while the polycarbonate is the same material used for sports glasses, regular frames do not provide enough protection from large objects such as balls or elbows. It is important to fit your child with sports glasses for added protection during sports activities.

You may also want to consider a back-up pair of glasses, as children can be very hard on their eyewear. This is especially important if your child cannot function without his or her glasses.

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