Escondido Eye Specialists

Sooner or later, just about all of us will need the treatment of an eye specialist. Whether you’re in a vision sport and need laser correction, or you’re getting older and need treatment for cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration. Perhaps you have diabetes with its associated eye disease. No matter who you are, if you have eye problems, you need an eye specialist you can trust.

Dr. Rosa: An Eye Care Specialist you Can Trust

Near the Escondido community we are continually recognized as pioneers in the eye care profession. With our cutting edge technology, skilled training and mission to provide the highest standard of care, we take great pride in being best optometrist Escondido Deserves.

What we have to offer

At Dr. Rosa Optometry we have a first class reputation, an ethical, caring, and professional practice. With over 25 years of eye specialist practice we have become an innovative practice of eye care excellence, housed in our state of the art new premises.

Providing first class care to the Escondido Community

Coupled with all the training and technical techniques we bring to our patients, Dr. Rosa Optometry brings to the Escondido community our unmatched experience in the eye care profession. This combination of eye care, our state of the art practice, and experience, we provide a superb example of what is possible in modern optometry in Escondido. Vision is a precious gift and also a very practical consideration. We take the responsibility for our patient’s vision very seriously.


Dr. Rosa and his specialists understand that visual health is crucial to your quality of everyday life. When you visit the office, it becomes clear, not only are we concerned with testing your vision to fit you with proper eyewear, but also maintaining the longevity of your visual health for years to come. As compared to other optometrists near Escondido, we separate ourselves by combining premier professional eye services, all while promoting a relaxed and trusting environment. By cultivating such practices, Dr. Rosa Optometry has built deep-rooted relationships with its patients over the years of its practice and will continue to do so for years to come.

If you have an eye problem or need a general examination, please visit or call to set up an appointment at Dr. Rosa Optometry and see for yourself why we are the best eye specialists near Escondido.