Do You Need New Glasses?

Need New Glasses

Going to the eye doctor can feel like a real bummer. It seems like every time you go into the office, you come out with a bill for a new prescription and/or a new pair of glasses. The minor inconvenience of getting a checkup, updating your prescription and possibly getting new glasses pales in comparison to the consequences of failing to do so.

Having a prescription that no longer optimizes your vision based on the current state of your eyes not only reduces your ability to see, but it can accelerate the degradation of your eye sight. As this is a very high stakes situation, it is obviously extremely important to know what to look for in assessing whether or not you need new glasses and/or a new prescription.

Get an Eye Exam

The simplest and most obvious solution to ensuring that your current glasses are right for you is to go into the eye doctor and get your routine eye exam done. Here they can see how your eyes have responded to the current prescription and they can make sure that it is still the proper prescription that optimizes your vision. The result is a relatively painless process that is sure to improve your quality of life. When you think about it, what is the point of wearing glasses if they are not the best solution for improving your eyesight?

Signs Your Prescription is Wrong

Apart from having a professional help you determine your need for new prescription glasses, there are several signs and symptoms that you can pick up on by yourself. Many of these symptoms are relatively intuitive, but they include things like blurred or double vision, sudden flashes, excessive squinting, and loss of clarity. While wearing an old prescription that is no longer quite right for you will not go a long way in damaging your eyes, it does often result in unnecessary eyestrain and even headaches as a result. All of these symptoms should prompt a visit to an eye care professional, because when it comes to your eyes, it is far better to be safe than to be sorry.

Renewing your prescription and getting new lenses can be a lot more convenient and cost effective than many people think. You can always choose to keep your current frames and only replace the lenses. Invest in yourself by maintaining the best prescription for you. The result will be greater comfort and more full experiences. Call Dr. Rosa today if you would like to discuss new prescription glasses, or if you have any other questions about eye health.